Trebbled Thoughts

Violins echo in my ear and silent whispers cry,

Harmonic perfection glistens tears in mine eye,

Euphonic love affairs etch love upon my mind,

Grasping senses crave the honeyed-sounds refined.

Among the tree-leaves, a harvest moon lights the sky,

Leaves awaiting the cold breath that will let their souls fly,

I look down unto the wet grass⎯sombre with dew,

Aching hearts have sat here before, never quite anew.

Sweetly singing fairies have called a justice-court,

Where love will be defined for the lovers’ comport,

Harmonic perfection⎯Euphonic love⎯Violins echo in my ear,

Grasping senses⎯Upon my mind⎯Glisten into softly falling tears.

Souls have come to self-actualize a duality of being,

From monistic I to coupled We⎯singular reasoning,

That two souls shall combine and unite into one,

While minds remaining solidly where they had begun.

Listen, do you hear? the harmonic strings sigh,

As delicate and peaceful as the lapping sea-tides,

Hush, my dearest, my soul has yet to sing tunes,

Of our honeyed sweetness and softly shifting dunes.

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