Cycling Thoughts

One day I was taking my bike from the porch so that I could ride to Starbucks to do some work before seeing some friends.  I was standing there digging into my bag in search of my phone, whose alarm was barking ferociously to wake me up (of course!).  So I finally turn the alarm off, when, in response, all the neighbourhood dogs cry hello.  And, a thought passed through my mind….  What do I say if people ask me where I am from?  A good question right?  I mean, earth is the obvious answer.  

Walking bike down stairs. 

But I mean, I don’t make any presumptions of extra-terrestrial origins.

Still walking bike down stairs.

Ludicrous; so earth it is then.  ET is home.  Or is s/he?!

Sit on bike.  

Look up. 

My neighbour’s dog is staring at me curiously.  And I smile, say ‘hello poopies’ and begin to ride away.  As I check the roads, I see my neighbour sitting on his porch.  Then I begin to wonder…

Did I have that whole conversation in my head, or did I actually discuss my potential ET-origins aloud?   

So I keep pedaling away; far, far, far away.  And giggling. 

For good measure.

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