Dickensian Tips for Yule Tidings and Beyond

Hear ye- Hear ye;;  A serial reader intends to crack a spine or two this
here year.

I have decided to undertake a Dickensian endeavour.  I will be outlining a reading schedule and attempt to make my way through a few of Dickens’s larger works, but Christmas Carol will be reserved for the month of December.  I will be setting myself about two months for the larger books, but may end up taking longer depending on school and, hopefully, work.

So the plan, so far, is: 

November (and into December) – Barnaby Rudge (if it can be found used)
December – Christmas Carol
January&February&March –  Our Mutual Friend (This text is properly long…oh dear)
April&May – Oliver Twist
June&July – A Tale of Two Cities

Dickens I have read: Great Expectations and Little Dorrit.
Dickens I want to read: The Old Curiosity Shop, Dombey and Son, and The Mystery of Edwin Drood.

If you have any suggestions as to books I should shift or alter, then I will consider a shift.  Of course, none of these are set in stone, due to availability of texts and my own schedule of research and essays.

Do look out for the future Dickensian tips of the day that will follow; mostly through twitter, but I may do a compilation of the most effective remedies to our ailments.


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