Whereupon I was Abruptly Awake…

It was safe and warm; languished and determined.
The darkness was omnipresent, and it was welcomed,
Lo!              A start from the heavens cracked through the air,
Throwing souls into Styx without the slightest care.

Towards the skies fearful voices shrilled,
Awaiting irresolute dark prophecies to be fulfilled,
Moaning mothers with lost children cried,
No tears; no wet faces; cries with eyes dried.

Fear enveloped slumbers that were comfort thus,
Crackling ice; relentlessly giving away Nature’s trust,
Warmth ebbs at the door of tears and wretchedness,
As though we were waiting for God nonetheless,

Bellows of water crash through the scene,
Ice crystals like diamonds shimmer and gleam,
Sublime; maleness; sweat and desire; 
Piercing my heart with a soft-whispered fire.

S t i l l n e s s …

with warmth

Notes spring forth; birds of a feather,
Freeing our minds from fear’s heavy fetters,
Grasping to hope and clinging deftly to bravery,
Submerged in the now gentle waves of imagin’ry.

Sweetness to taste the Dionysian  phantasm,
Angst and serenity divided by frightful chasm,
Hold my trembling hand up to your reflection,
Telling with touch and tender distraction.

Sleep sweet angel, who fears the starless night,
Whose wings won’t melt as you fly without fright,
Into the heavens, towards Apollo’s first light,
Mirth filling your soul with cared-for delight.

~~ fin

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