Odious Thoughts on an Ode

Dedicated to my dearest friend Emilia Galan

To hear it read by me, click here: http://picosong.com/YCAG/

Capture the softness in the land of gray,
There is little to do, but many deceitful games to play,
Running through green fields of youth and contrivance,
Swimming in waters that were perilous at first glance,

While the years have gone by and smothered our youth,
Dreams have become real; they have become our truth,
Listless, whimsical daydreams suspend our disbelief,
As we sigh exalted and beholden relief,

On the roads we walk tuned into rhythmic desire,
We hold within us such a capacity and strength to inquire,
Little tidbits of the world confuse and appeal,
Large hostages of knowledge we hope to conceal,

As we trudge through this life wondering why and how,
If we hold the answers within us, or if they float above like a cloud?
But the illuminating sun gives us our daily confidant,
Trailing covetous nibbles; knowing exactly what we want,

But that’s the thing about life and love,
It will always fit us like a warm winter’s glove,
Because we are beautiful souls entangled in mire,
And you’ll always be someone I love and admire.

Praise the gods who deliver wine and fruitful delight,
Who give us words and poems which we tend to recite,
At a dark winter’s party filled with friends and good cheer,
I’m glad there is someone who is willing to hear,

For if a tree falls, and there’s no one to fear it,
Does that mean we are brave enough to endure it?
The world that confuses and eludes mortal’s capture,
But always holds us suspended and enraptured.

~~ fin

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