Piano Man

spoken with accompanying music (prelude in e minor) here

The pulsating air could not disguise how the mallet fell,
Resonating notes written in an enchanted, magic spell,
Bewitched by euphonic mysteries that herald love’s promise,
Symphonic paradise that revealed lovers suspended in bliss,

An abeyance of laws and physical worldly realities,
Ethereal movements colliding in fragmented unease,
Touching and caressing, softly or roughly with pain,
Hallowed be thy name; crossed thresholds and profaned,

Like a petal about to fall from security’s hold,
I await the fall from grace into that which is soil’d,
Respite and reanimation is granted during the fleeting interlude,
Incarnate absolution from the transgression to which I allude,

Notes sung on high offer a thunderous conclusion,
Seemingly at an end–

a shocking illusion,

Persisting and prolonging the moment we ache,
For that is the inglorious instant we break.

Awaiting your mouth to wrap around mine,
Anticipating sustained moments of the divine,
Bacchus draining his decanter in a dubious crescendo,
Recognizing the delusion, but loving you even so,

Passing into oblivion as the days come to an end,
Like a river whose path meanders and wends,
Moving in motion with memory’s laps,
Always disappearing, but in form, I am trapped.

~ fin

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