Swears and Errs

Source: Tumblr

The words we chose to use and spew,
Wrap around us like a fresh-kissed bruise,
People cringe when curse-words fly,
As if you’ve just left a helpless being to die.

But cursing has its power, too,
They’re not just words of curt hew,
Beautiful words, too, evoke pain and sorrow,
Leaving desperate lines of pain past tomorrow,

Primal screeches of swears and curses,
Seem more like anger-reimbursments,
Laughter rolls like land-slides and rain,
Momentarily easing severe and distressing pain,

The words we use depict our class or politics,
And, at them, we jump as if just bitten by ticks,
Recall, that silence is not golden like touch,
For Midas, it was something, even a bit much,

Sing songs of woe, love, delight, and fright,
Sing them loud and with all of your might,
Live in wonder and wander the clouds,
Never let fear hold you back in a shroud,

When you see the world in eyes closed before,
Be sure to knock down, not just open the door,
Breathe and swallow the cool air of new life,
And life will be beautiful and not fill of strife,

So, dear ones, think and speak well,
For there are worlds of stories for you to tell,
Rise with anger and fall into glory,
Those will be, by far, the best stories.

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