Current Fling


Hear ye, Hear ye! I am, indeed, reading Neil Gaiman’s American Gods. I wanted to save some initial reviews for when I have finished this tome, but I’d like to add some preliminary remarks here. 

This novel reminds me of flicking through television stations only to notice that the same actor appears in almost all of the stations. Which somehow, miraculously, or perhaps the late hour, allows you to thread together a plot line without an end game. I do not note this as a failure of the novel, quite the contrary. It is quite a feat to organize so many different ideas and origins into one seemingly round-about story line. I find myself trusting the author to deliver something that keeps me hooked, and every so often that appears. From Lucille Ball references to random Russians, Gaiman intrigues. Of course, I am still waiting for that strong finale. 

As of right now, I’d say the novel is sitting at about 3 missed meals out of five. It is, yes, well-written and entertaining, but I am not certain it is amongst the best things I’ve read. I do appreciate the text, and I look forward to reading it to its conclusion. 

Dear American Gods, a rather long fling only because your page count is rather high. More than a bed-and-breakfast trip away from it all—more like a sketching trip gone awry and we’re still sorting through the broken heels. 

– fin.

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