Golden Traces

It was a dark, cloudless night,
Stars twinkled and shone bright,
He held her hand in his,
Together, making a fist,

Her other hand upon his shoulder,
His upon her waist, they moved closer,
Moving as one, millimetre at a time,
The music softly sounded rhyme by rhyme,

For dancing was when their souls met,
At communion, their bodies silhouette,
Eyes wide, souls bared,
Eyes shut, a love shared,

One step left, now right, two in time,
The music crescendos and climbs,
Hearts picking paces, winning races,
Love lining lives with golden traces,

Gods sang on sacred ground,
From within their bodies the song resounds,
Ambrosia drips from cups to lips,
Swaying to her hallowed hips,

This dance is timeless infinite,
Like consecrated stones of holy writ,
Laws have no meaning here,
This love contains no fear,

Her hands seemingly clutch his heart,
Piercing his chest, an arrowed dart,
His hands wrap around her ghost,
Forever caressing her earthly host.

Like sun flutters between eyelashes,
Their love incited celestial flashes,
Throwing their heads back in ecstasy,
Granted mutually-assured soulful clemency.

Word Play Xx

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