Our Adventures in Wonderland


Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass (Toronto: Penguin Books, 1997).

Hello Friends,
I am currently doing the groundwork and research to produce my posts on Oliver Twist. They are coming. Alongside, I will be reading Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass. Join me, if you are looking for a fun and enjoyable read. As I was reading the beginning yesterday, I was chuckling at Alice’s silliness. She’s such a funny one, and I think that this book is far more approachable to me as an adult than as a child. I, at least, now know what the Antipathies…I mean antipodes…are. (And, the pink dot on the Mad Hatter’s trousers is nail polish/varnish with which decorated my book as a child.)

Research and page 100 from Alice (edition above)

Research and page 100 from Alice (edition above)

My mom bought me this copy when I was quite young. I have a few other versions. I purchased a bilingual (French and English) copy in Belgium. The English portion is a facsimile of the original text, and the French is found in the margins. I purchased a used copy from Skoob Books in London last March; it is a little too cute to read and annotate, so I’ve decided to use the copy in the image above. It is pretty useful because the font size is meant for children, so it’s a lot easier on my eyes. Like the copy from Skoob, this edition is illustrated by John Tenniel. We have a few others that my mom purchased when my sister and I were younger, including one with Whoopi Goldberg. I hope you’ll read with me, but if you’re nose is buried in another book keep reading.

Keep very well, my dearest ones. What books are you reading?!

Heaps of Love,
WordPlay Xx

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7 thoughts on “Our Adventures in Wonderland

  1. I read somewhere that the true classics are those that appeal to both children and adults. Lewis Carroll falls in that category for sure. By the way, have you seen the movie Word Play?

    • Yah! C.S Lewis said that. I definitely agree with that sentiment. I think we never read something the same way twice. I have seen multiple Alice films. The Disney version is my earliest memory. The latest version was enjoyable, too, but a lot darker than my childhood memories recalled. Did you like the films?

  2. I’m rereading a memoir for 3rd time, “Volcano” by Garret Hong. A memoir about Hawai’i since he was raised as a Japanese-American there and returned there several times. The book’s poetic narrative influenced me to visit Hawai’i on 2 different trips. It is very different than mainland US.

    • That sounds fantastic. I’ve never been to Hawai’i. I love that books, fictional or otherwise, have the ability to inspire us to empathy and travel. The title of the memoir seems very evocative, too. Idle or explosive, the text sounds really great. Have fun reading!

  3. She is a funny girl, Alice- I think I found her a little too aloof and stuck up as a kid, but now as a parent, I think she’s probably just copying her older sister, trying to come across as grown up.
    I’m reading ‘Never let me go’ bu Kazuo Ishiguro. Very good so far, though I think we have heartbreak ahead. (Haven’t seen the film, so not a clue what happens).

    • I remember when I was little, I would read the poems and not really the story. But now that I re read it, too, I find her character more charming. She does seem to try to mimic her sister and Dinah too!
      I have yet to read Never Let Me Go. I feel like the film trailers gave so much away, and that makes me sad. But if you like it, maybe I’ll give it a go. I love that it’s based in Hailsham, since I lived near there. I read The Remains of the Day, and I liked it even though I am still not sure how I feel about it in any tangible way. Have so much fun reading; lots of tea and love! Xx

      • Fortunately, I missed all of the trailers of the film- I knew the basic premise, whic in a way is a shame, because it’s a slow reveal in the book and I think you’re supposed to ‘AH!’ at one point. Funny book- doesn’t have a strong plot as such, just a string of reminiscences. I’ll let you know what I think when I’ve read it 🙂

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