The Seven Year Itch…

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Basically, I have been having the most outrageous allergic reaction to something. I sort of wish the Poirot of allergens could come and solve this mystery. I believe that it is from the laundry detergent I used, and my sister continued to used, which explains my continued reactions and sustained itch. But, if that is the case, it could be some time before my allergy settles down. Hives and eczema have popped up all over my upper body. My tummy is so itchy at the moment I could cry…or reverse-bear a tree. That sounds really rude.

I was writing a post earlier this week about Jane Austen and Star Wars, but really guys, I’m so uncomfortable that I cannot do it. I might post it a little later, but I couldn’t decide if I was rambling or not. Everything seems erratically logical to me because my brain bounces between my physical state and my metaphysical awareness of my discomfort.

So, I’m just going to keep reading to keep my mind off the itch. *audible sob* Fricking laundry detergent. 😦

Heaps of Love,
Word Play Xx

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2 thoughts on “The Seven Year Itch…

    • Thanks Kelly. It is pretty rubbish. One part of me inflames and then a whole domino effect takes place. I’m hoping it gets bored of the torture and moves on. 😛 Keep well. Xx

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