Dear Neighbour,

I don’t know how you can say you’re a doctor. Maybe it’s a shield you sought to protect yourself from humanity. One must be sentient before they may claim humanness, so, perhaps you brush your profession as protection.

I don’t know how man or beast could have heard the wheezing sounds coming from my dog, who was barely breathing, and walked away. I don’t know how my tears mingled with sweet attentions and pleas to be okay didn’t stop you in your tracks.

I don’t know how you can say you are in a profession that helps people. You might not be in charge of animals. But don’t give them that label. Do they not cry if you hurt them. Do they not plead to feel okay? With her barely open eyes, and her lungs groaning under the weight of their mortality.

You may not like me. You may not like dogs. That might be the case. But I don’t know anyone who could turn on their heel and hide away, when they heard what I heard.

When I finally managed to get her inside, still wheezing and coughing, I held her and tried to make it okay. She’s okay now. She’s asleep on my bed.

My thoughts weren’t with you that whole time, but I thought you, of all people, a person who works within the borderlines of life and death, could have had the empathy to even nod that you understood.

Her heart is too big. She chokes under its pressure. At least she has a heart.

It’s been a long morning,


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2 thoughts on “Dear Neighbour,

  1. HIya… just happened upon your blog via my reader suggestions. 🙂

    Poor little babe… glad she’s feeling better. Some people will just never get it. And it’s been my experience that not all doctors became doctors because they care about people or animals, or people’s animal loved ones. Being able to diagnose and heal has other motives, like money for example. But you’re correct, it seems so wrong for another person, doctor or otherwise, to not at least empathize with the suffering of another life. 😦

    • Hi; sorry I missed this before. Yes, I definitely agree. I was really upset because she ended up choking for 40 minutes, and it’s because she has a heart problem. It was really scary, and it came out of the blue. I was purely shocked that anyone, let alone someone who works to help people, could walk by. I remember one time I had to pick her up because it was a little too warm for her outside, and a woman stopped and asked me if everything was okay. It’s just basic empathy, I think. 😦 She’s currently sleeping on my bed though; lazy dog ideals. I hope you’re well and thank you for your kind worlds. X

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