When your laptop decides it wanted that cuppa more than you did

Need I say more? I can’t ATM because I’m in shock. But let’s just say my PhD applications and my blog posts are going to be put on hold for a while.

The sad irony is that I just made strict schedules to post about Our Mutual Friend. My computer, like Jocasta, realized this, and decided it was best to cease existence.

I’ll be back. But unlike Arnold’s stealth, I might be a while.

Keep well. Keep beautiful. Keep dreaming.
On a happier note, I gave Misha a bath today. Because of her heart problem, she normally chokes during a bath. This time,no choking! Also, she decided to sleep whilst I dried her hair. It was so cute. I don’t have a photo of it because my phone was across the room charging. I don’t know how dogs/pets do it, but they have a light in them that sets alight even the darkest of moments.



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