What to do when you don’t feel very productive

First: Warm up your hands. Why are your hands always so cold? Good grief.

Second: Make Calendars. Online. On your phone. Purchase To Do software.  Buy many notebooks and diaries to fill with your many lists of things to do.

Third: Remember to use all of these items and concepts.

Fourth: Turn off all distracting websites.


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Fifth: Long nails may look festive, but it makes typing a lot harder to do. So, either deal with it or give yourself a manicure.

Sixth: Listen to Adele. She is definitely a beast of productivity and success. Expect transference. Wait. That’s not what that means. Oh, psychoanalysis.


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Seventh: Make deadline promises: upload blog post on Tuesday and Our Mutual Friend posts on Thursday.

Eighth: (Remember how to spell eight) Then, make the concession that this pattern of regularity will be more likely to occur in January.



Ninth: Have a shower. Those freshen the mind.

Tenth: Consume caffeine-based substances.

Eleventh: Remind yourself that you are grateful and that you should be filled with humility and hope to express grace under pressure.


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Twelfth: Remember, it happens to us all. We all feel the pressure to keep being productive, and we grow up learning to always strive for personal bests. Don’t let that turn into a malignant motivator. Smile when you can and cherish it. (I know it’s not always that easy, but let my heart warm yours for at least a second.X)


Heaps of Love,
WordPlay Xx
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