The Exhaustion of Being Female

Don’t do that with your face. Don’t make that expression. Don’t eat that. You ate too much. Oh, her feet are much narrower. (Than what? An airplane? Yes, that’s a fair conclusion.) Why do you walk like that? You can’t sit like that; it’s not lady-like. Why do you talk like that? No one will understand you! You like that person? But that person isn’t who I find conventionally attractive, so you shouldn’t like them. They’re….weird. Look at your hips. You’ve inherited those from the other side of the family. So wide. (Great, now I can hate myself on the genetic level). Your lips aren’t as full as hers. Remember when your skin was bad and we would stare at your acne like it was a science experiment. That was fun, wasn’t it? But don’t make that expression with your face.

You are not worthy.


A snippit of how women are taught to hate themselves, and how they can always look forward to finding something new.

I might remove this. But this is how I feel right now.

Nothing intellectual can undo the vitriol of the surface.

3 thoughts on “The Exhaustion of Being Female

    • Thanks! I was feeling a bit miffed because there is this constant narrative of never being enough. You have to use anti-aging so you don’t look old. You have to have a flatter tum. It just feels like there are so many more meaningful things one could do and experience than worrying about what one looks like, from every angle, at all hours…. Keep well! X

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