New Year’s Resolutions

Dear Reader,

I think I’m about ten to eleven days late to proclaim my resolutions, but what will throw you even more is that I do not plan to start some of them until February. Here is the thing. I am applying for PhDs. This is my dream. This is my being. This is my fibre. Yummy. I want this as the breath leaves and enters my body to sustain and produce life. I am also a little afraid. Because Misha has been so much my responsibility, I have a tendency to put my dream a little on the back burner. That bums me out a lot. So, I’ve given myself January to finish everything and let it into the ether. The ether of life and purpose. Happy vibes towards this. Misha will want her big sister to be happy. (P.S Misha is my 12-and-one-half-year-old shihtzu, who has heart troubles of the literal kind).

So, my resolutions are, as follows.

  1. Read even when the pain makes you want to stop. (My Goodreads goal is set at 48; this is a little conservative because I also want to be uploading quality content based on what I am reading).  [Begins February]
  2. Upload 2 blogposts per week. One will be about literature or the books I am reading. The other will be about Misha, poetry, or a life update. [Begins February]
  3. Practice yoga 2-3x per week. [Begins February]
  4. Practice mindfulness. I am going to be more conscientious of not swallowing the burdens that others lay at my feet. That could be someone being shitty. Or, it could be my own fears and  apprehensions. I’m going to advocate for zen in my own heart. [Begins now.]
  5. Submit PhD Applications [Due by end of January]
  6. Journal More.
  7. Step away from the screen and live in the moment.
  8. Read outside in the sun. Sunlight is meant to prevent myopia; perhaps, it can also reduce the myopia I currently have.
  9. Create — write (poetry, stories, blogs); sing; make videos; play instruments.
  10. Be open to happiness, protect my skin, wake up earlier, & drink water.

I am going to use these as a general guidelines. I might add or change. I might forget or fumble. That’s life, I suppose.


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To all of my new followers; thank you so much for visiting me here. I will be more active on this site in February. I hope to create a lot of content based on reading and being jolly creative. Feel free to contact me, comment, or send me chipper brainwaves.


Heaps of Love,
WordPlay Xx

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