Spring Clean⎟ Admin

Dear Reader,

I hope you are very well. Earlier this year, I wrote a New Year’s Resolution list that insisted I would write two blogposts per week, beginning February. Unfortunately for that blog schedule, my February has been quite busy. And, in that time I’ve actually changed my mind about how I want to structure my input on my blog.

My plan includes uploading once a week on Tuesdays, and I will also do a podcast every other week on Thursday. There will be a blogpost that week, but then there will be an extra post with my podcast embedded. They will be about 30-45 minutes, and they will include a deeper discussion about the book or books I am reading. I didn’t want my blogposts to become unreasonably long, so I settled on fleshing out discussions aurally. Initially, I had hoped to make videos, but I think the kind of discussions I want to do really lend themselves to the podcast medium a lot better.

I will begin uploading podcasts the second week in March. When I start to get a little more comfortable with the flow of how it is going, I will upload a proper schedule.

Blogposts: Every Tuesday

Podcast Predictions: Thursdays: 10 & 24 March; 7 & 21 April; 5 & 19 May.

See you this Tuesday!

Heaps of love,



p.s Here is a video journal I am doing of my dog, who, as we know, is almost 13.


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