Poetry Month ⎟ Poem Everyday in April (PEA)

Dear Reader,

I haven’t uploaded any poems lately, which is unusual for me because I normally write quite a lot. In Canada, April is National Poetry Month. I am going to be posting one poem a day, *crosses fingers*, alongside my posts on Great Expectations. If it gets confusing, just follow the menu at the top of the page; it should help you find you way. I’m just imagining a Homeward Bound scene where my beloved animals search for me, against peril and the sadness of losing their human. Poor poopehs. My pup is currently snoozing on my bed. (P.S she fell off my bed last night, whilst rearranging her blankets. I don’t even know what woke me up, the fall or her crying to be let back up. Apparently, my decorating skills are flawed. Misha will educate me from here on out).

In honour of the little baby-face, I will write a limerick about her.

The Mishanator

There once was a shitzu called Misha,
She won’t fetch, but she gives paw,
She loves to sleep in my, or is it her, bed,
From top to bottom is her tiny form spread,
For possession is 9/10ths property law.


Heaps of love,

wordplay xx


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