That of which I am made ⎟ PEA 2016

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 9.50.25 PM
I’m just not feeling it,
As you dance to the chart-hit,
Your smile is misleading,
And it’s you I am needing,
But your eyes sway faster
Than hips, who’re you after?

If I leave now,
And you, I disavow,
Will I lose myself,
As I detach from yourself?
Will I break into pieces,
My new heart a prosthesis?

Coz your hunger increases,
As my self-worth decreases,

You crook your finger at me,
I smile; I dare not flee,
For your spell catches my knees,
You’re my addiction, my disease;
You look into my eyes,
I tremble through your lies:

You whisper love and desire,
I’ll surely burn on this pyre,
Barely holding onto life,
As you plunge in the knife,
Twisting and turning its tip,
With a fast and strong grip,

Your hips sway to the beat,
Your voice is so sweet,
But I’m just not feeling it,
As you dance to the chart-hit.

I want a new chance,
I, too, want to dance,
With joy and freedom
and equality,
With a them that is them,
and a me that is free,

So I push off your hold,
Daring for freedom is rather bold,
Alas, I breathe nectar of sugared hope,
Glad to be untethered, cut free, from the rope
That tied me down, like a lead-weighted
balloon, anxiety and depression slowly abated,

I swim in the ocean,
Healed by a magical self-taught potion,
Laced with one’s sovereignty,
Happiness by degrees,
Ginger and spice,
And everything nice…

That’s what little girls are made of.


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