In Time, You’ll Be⎟ PEA

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Sometimes, there is lack,
A lack that likes to remind you it’s there,
It wants to be acknowledged, nurtured, and loved.
But sometimes you want to ignore
the lack.
Getting over it has a knack,
It’s a skill I lack.

Sometimes, there is a wound,
Salt and dirt live there,
They dance to the beat of my heart,
As it works
furiously to heal.
But on, they dance.

Often, there is a hush,
It comes in slowly,
It never leaves in a rush.
You may have time to fill your lungs,
Or scream out your anger
So loud your voice cracks.

Often, there is a dream,
Frequently ignored;
to be suppressed by the lack,
that makes its home
crushing your heart.

Some days, there is an itch,
When you scratch,
you bruise skin,
The outer shell cracks,
And leaves you grim.
Plaster yourself back together,
Make yourself whole again.

Some days, there is a tiredness,
It hides under darkened eyes,
It announces itself with a depressed
lions roar.
You fuel yourself with coffees,
Snack on cakes, and sweet  teas,
Sometimes, those are the best days.

One day, there might be a sun beam,
That shines on your heart,
It sends growth throughout your soul,
It lightens your load,
It fills your lack,
So it feels more like
a history
that’s past.

One day, there will be lines,
That mark your path,
Engraved upon your thin
Lines, counted, reveal your
capacity to love
and the rich stories,
that you sink into as you fall




Heaps of love,

wordplay xx


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