¶ Sweetest Spring and Evergreens ⎟ PEA

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There is a gentle breeze
That ruffles dreams;
It smells of sweetest spring
and evergreens.
It never wavers but
Kisses cherubic, weightless clouds,
and stimulates subtle

Hold your hand up to its path,
Feel your spindly fingers dance,
Light as thoughts,
Free as love,
Comfort, and mindful serenity.
Smell its past and lingering tales
as you fully breathe
your mortality.

Sun streams through lashes
and closing eyes,
Whilst laughter churns from
deep within.
Light as air and happy child,
Who’d have thought,
it was just air?

The earth sighs in meditative
suspiration, as we move around
the galaxy.
The stars are past,
as we are passed,
and dust settles over youth
quite fast.

In times of old, and times
to come, the breeze sets sail
as souls swim by,
Raise your hand
up to their path,
They make your fingers dance
as they sing
‘Good Day’!

Relax into grass, that
folds beneath you.
Listen as it crumples.
Millions of tiny springs,
that support your body
and usher in new life.
Breathe in the breeze
that tariffs dulcet tones,
and passes them onto
abject pilgrims.

There was a day,
when you were sad,
but honeyed hues coloured
your hearing eyes;
Recall the dreams
Of weightless flight, and
dream sweet dreams,
my dear, tonight.


Links: http://poets.ca/2016/02/08/national-poetry-month-2016/

Heaps of love,

wordplay xx


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