¶ as i shouldered your heart ⎟ PEA

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 9.50.25 PM

I was walking down the path,
as I shouldered your
crumbling heart.
You pushed against me
about to fly like loose leaves
along the wind.

The slow tortoise winked,
the moose battered his antlers,
the crows screeched in warning,
their fear drawing us nearer
into clearer darkness of the
faded day.

We stop to settle and sup,
as the sun’s last rays tickled
the tops of leafless trees.
A small fire to keep us warm,
I hold your heart in my hand.

You run with the fire of life
and of joy.
I pick up the pieces,
humbly loving your spirit.
You fly in the wind,
threatening to leave,
but your warmth and goodness
keeps you here with me.

Such a big heart determined to race,
round corners,
round bends,
and back from the moon.
“It’s such a big, big world,”
I whisper in your ear,
“The world’s not ready
for you to disappear, yet.”

On we must trot or night will
gobble us all–
Once again,
I shoulder your heart,
Your soul is nestled,
And my heart is full.
But what about days,
when I’m left all alone, dear?
I want you to stay,
to be here with me forever.

The tortoise has slowed to
walk us to safety,
The bucking moose has lent us
his powerful antlers,
The crows scream in murders
to frighten the night.

I hold you in my arms
as tears slip away,
We walk into the warmth
of the hearth and the home,
We drink teas and snack on
honeyed-peanut butter;
Raspberries for tortoise,
Grass for dear moose,
Charms for the crows,
who resent the implication.

Let’s slip into the darkness,
the safe one with dreams,
where it is okay that less
is more than it seems.



Links: http://poets.ca/2016/02/08/national-poetry-month-2016/

Heaps of love,

wordplay xx


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