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There is a feeling that catches breaths,
Each one brings us close to death,
These moments when you feel you could
Be the person you know you should.

It haunts your dreams, your nights, your days,
It is the thing you know everyone says,
In song, in rhyme, in two-beat time,
It coats your soul like heavy slime.

You look through yourself to see what’s seen,
And wonder how else life could have been,
If only, when you were ever so little,
You wouldn’t have been quite so brittle,

To feel the pain that made you feel
As though your worth was unreal,
You clung to words that made you fly,
But how long until you feel them lie?

Because words twist, and they distort,
From you, your life, they will extort,
Minute by minute, pound by pound,
They will catch your breath until you’re drowned,

Ne’er be fooled by idle chatter,
For you’ll not find the words that flatter
All the people in all the world;
Such dizzy thoughts will have you whirled,

Learn to be the dreams you’ve dreamt,
Tell the stories that you invent,
Let words escape, as you enthral;
Paint the floors and paint the walls.

For freedom spent, is freedom kept,
And all of life should feel windswept,
Dwell not where the soul is lost,
For it is cold and iced with frost,

In Charon’s boat, it bids farewell,
Ere again Orpheus will fail,
Sing in notes that please the gods,
And you might win, against the odds.

Catch those breaths once stunted, yet;
Hold them long in a butterfly net,
Youth wishes to last forever,
It spends its pennies howsoever,

Flitter-flutter–heart does beats,
It’s time that love really cheats,
Drink the tides of setting suns,
Sweet libations of what’s been done.



Links: http://poets.ca/2016/02/08/national-poetry-month-2016/

Heaps of love,

wordplay xx


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