¶ empathy and pears ⎟ PEA

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I’d like to feel indulgent today,
I’d like to just sit down and say,
‘Hey, it’s been really hard to
hold in these tears, blue,

‘I’ve been holding this in for so long,
And I’m always feeling all wrong.
Is there a way I can feel okay?
Because I’d like to smile today.’

But you just tease and bully,
Because adults, too, are unruly,
Mostly, they’ve lost their softness,
And use their privilege to oppress.

When you’re holding onto lives,
You’re thinking how to make things thrive,
More sunshine, water, and love,
And everything that I think of

Bites to the quick and tastes blood,
Scratching the life-giving mud,
And when the things you love ease,
You feel a deep sense of relief,

There is peace in other people’s happiness,
So let’s not be indulgent in largesse,
Indulge in sharing stories and tea,
Suspend your self and listen to the sea,

For she has stories to share,
That would raise your hair,
Past heaven, way up above,
Beyond imagery of peace-seeking doves

And big boats with floods,
Two-by-two from bugs to slugs,
Listen deeply to others’ words,
For you’ll find you’ve not really heard

The struggles that they’ve faced today,
Because you’ve not heard as they say,
‘I’ve been holding this in for so long,
And I’m always feeling all wrong…’


wordplay xx





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