a no-poem day⎟pea

Dear Reader,

I really want to write a poem today, but I happen to have all of these images flooding my mind that aren’t adding up to the phrases I like. Right now I’m enjoying a Mediterranean sea-scape, sunshine, honey, and happiness–and that’s all just from my head. I’m actually sitting in a room lighted by bulbs for it is a dark night and actually quite cold. I think because my thoughts feel like a vacation, my mind is kind of fully at ease. Additionally, I am listening Zayn’s album to death. I remember that I tutored a young girl who loved One Direction, and the boys at her school teased her for liking them. I’m basically of the attitude that you like who you like. I didn’t listen to them because they weren’t quite my jam. I mean, feminism sometimes clashes with pop music. Ya know? But, if a young listener wants to enjoy their market, I say, let them. Encourage them to think critically and at their own pace, but let them know they can be proud to like what they like. I had a set of stickers on order for her for 1D in my amazon cart, but I had to relocate before they’d arrive. That’s life –eh?


Me to Zayn’s album.

So, I’m busy proudly listening to Zayn, not feeling as self-conscious about it as I did about listening to Justin Bieber’s new album and enjoying it. I don’t know. You live and learn. I think that’s something that we all have to recognize; we won’t always like everything–that’s fine. You don’t need to TELL people it’s stupid or dumb. Things aren’t always for you. That’s the way it should be. It would be so dull if mass-marketing actually succeeded, and we all had the same tastes. Gross. Let’s be critical thinkers, together, and found our own little niches of happiness. I mean, I say that listening to Zayn, a former member of a widely-loved, tween-audience, pop-star group…

I might post a poem later, but I might not. I guess this will have to suffice for today. I’ve just been having a lot of emotions at the moment. Sometimes, we have to take a day to sort of file them, distance ourselves, and understand ourselves. Today, is one of those days. I’m going to go back to reading Great Expectations so I can do work for the podcast.

Heaps of Love,
wordplay xx


4 thoughts on “a no-poem day⎟pea

  1. Maybe I can assist…I’ve got Zayn on the brain and Justin Bieber on the down lo…Sunshine and honey, it’s quite an escape…while I enjoy my Mediterranean sea-scape…thinking about it all from my bulb-brightened night…It’s quite cold in reality but the visions bring me delight..

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