Conspiring with You-niverse.

Dear Reader,

Have you ever had that moment when you wish the Universe would conspire with you? I dearly hope the Universe conspires with you, and all your dreams are fulfilled.

This is me, shouting out to the Heavens, that I’m ready to climb some mountains. I am a champion of grit!

Heaps of Love,
WordPlay Xx



Great Expectations: I am currently doing secondary research to prepare for the posts; I am convincing myself to do a few-part series of podcasts with this book. It might be a short while before they’re ready, but it is a rather large project that I’ve started.

Reading: I was going to start A Tale of Two Cities, but I decided, instead, upon The Old Curiosity Shop. This was the first Dickens novel I bought myself. Two Cities seemed a bit too melodramatically romantic for me, at the moment. It did not suit my mood at all. I think, also, the introduction of my edition insisted on blaming girls for seducing Dickens. That seemed questionable, to say the least. I think I am going to try and read them in a more chronological order, too. But, mood will out.

Misha: She is currently quite asleep beside me. I should be asleep, too. I don’t know if other dogs snore quite so much as pug-faced dogs, but their little snores are the most adorable. She gave me a look a little while ago, warning me to go to sleep because the light was bothering her.


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