Your restless legs jump as you
sleep in our bed. The cold sheets
cradle your dreams, and your
breath is deep and clear.
Your nose is a gateway to your
brain, where your big thoughts
form and disintegrate into
infinitely flickering particles.

Your lashes flicker lightly over
impenetrable dreams.
I venture to whisper into
your ear and change your dreams
with the soft songs of our waking
hours. Stillness, I wonder what
fills your mind, as your leg stretches
and then recoils languidly.

Your breathing varies as you seem
to encounter something behind
your eyes, and your hand lands
near mine. Gently, so as not to wake you,
my fingers trace their glacial pattern
over your warmth. Like frost upon
a window that protects the warmth inside,
I long to peer inside, but only succeed
at making my view more opaque.

I roll over, nestling my back into your side
and as I reach into my own impervious
night visions, I feel you running your fingers
down my spine, as you count ribs,
resting your hand at the end of your count,
and, together, we trek into our dreams,
patient and expectant to meet on
the other side of night.

© Kat Manica 2017



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