I, Eurydice

Press play to hear it read aloud.

When I get to this place, a place where my
finer sensibilities are dulled, I feel as though
I have lost the way back to you. I am not
lost in darkness. It’s a different kind of veil
that disentangles us limb by limb, nerve by nerve.
Its opacity blinds me from the possibility
of your tranquility, and I am left quite alone.

Have you heard the tale wherein
Orpheus crosses into death to bring Eurydice
back to the mortal realm from behind
the veil of last breaths, whence she fell?
In meeting her eyes, she was wrenched away from him,
And so Orpheus re-lived the agony of their parting,
immortalized in the story of their love,
a life and love from which Eurydice was excluded.

That kind of love ensnares, for we desire to
hold a gaze as we contemplate beyond
mortality and mortal flesh
but what happens when we see each other,
are we endlessly drawn apart, on the cusp of be-

But when I’m here, in this place, this no
man’s land, I lose all discursive dexterity.
Rather, my thoughts are quietly meditative.
My heart is so slow. I feel only
the echo of momentum, as I fall.
For you, love, I fall.




© Kat Manica 2017



Some Context: This comes from a really odd mood.



Animation by alcinoo

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