An Early Spring’s Vision

The sweet spring air beautifies as fresh-
formed buds expand to kiss the sky,
Sun beams set the heavens ablaze in sparkling
fluorescence, whilst wind caresses my dew-
dampened tresses, long fingers brush out
wind-tangled knots, and thus I hear the Queen
Faerie’s chariot within ear-shot.

Her vessel is woven from fine hair borrowed from
fluffy tails brandished by squirrels as they burrow’d,
And she sails on the waters of a sweet lovers’
draught, her oars are petals from a daisy’s
fresh bud, the mast a nettle that bites like
witchcraft, her song is heard by poets and
birds, who trill to the heavens the thrill
of the night, a long winter manifesting frosts
with a bite, melted by the golden light
of vernal, cardamom-scented daffodils.

I lose my fingers in forests of grass,
as the birds chime again in hopeful
chorus, away are the days of cathartic
tragedy, and here is the birth of ye and
of flea, to nip at the flesh of spring’s youthful
children, eased from the grip of winter’s cold teeth,
Arrives the Queen whose nettle-sailèd ship
brings solace and solstice to all at her feet.

Sweet-fragranced flowers stir memories once lost,
Of birch and of fir, of trees I have crossed,
In spring’s subtle sun, I dance with shut eyes
deftly on paper-wingèd butterflies,
We sup in the forest amongst Queen and
field mouse, badger, and fox, drinking
cups filled with wine, we are drawn
to the stars, like a beaconed light-house.

Moon’s winking eyes twinkle in joyous
delight, as we consume the splendour with
ravenous appetite. My eyelids are heavy, and
the Queen bids us fair night, as sweet slumber
enchants us, decants us dulcet-toned dreams,
as the moon, in her esteem, sets the world to light,
kissed by gentle illuminations of her soft-hued
beams. Lashes flutter as I fly from this chimerical
invention, every detail forgotten in rapt

© Kat Manica 2017

this one rhymes.



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