Yesterday, my person being remote and hermitic,
I stood in the way of the sun, absorbing the rays in
my flesh, denying earth-bound life their sup;
I endured as the roots swallowed my feet, and
soil decomposed my toes, worms wriggling through
the holes in my fragmentary being.
One-hundred-years work accomplished as my eyes
blinked the sun out of their irises.

Like spiders’ legs, my lashes disrupt the visions
afore, garish daydreams that seek to feast on my
peace and pick their teeth with my dissipating bones.
Crack! Tremble with consternation as you question
whether you tread on my splintering bones or the
oft fell branches from ancient trees. As you race
away from the scene, you can only but persist
in crushing bone under foot.

I open my eyes to the blistering light of day, and,
in the radiance, terrors are vanquished. I am yet savèd,
as an ocean of cold water washes over my sins,
gently undulating my hair in ribbons away from
their burdened origins. I recall myself to my feet,
I am standing on concrete, no longer remote, not
entirely hermitic. A sea of women, a sea of beautiful
women walks towards me. I am unrelated to the party,
but a smile stretches from shore to shore. I feel them
wash over me as I obey their portentous pace.
Their auras pierce me, gently and all at once, I am
realized in the presence of their feminine energy;
Reflected and emboldened, I feel whole, in this

© Kat Manica 2017
(*please note, this is poet recognizes that there are many genders; the use of -gyn is not intended to exclude but to reclaim. If you feel it is problematic, please write a comment, and I will not change it but add an addendum explaining so others may learn, too. Thank you.)


illustration © amelia giller

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