My Freedom on Wings

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I used to sing out loud, waiting for you to hear, 
I used to write sweet words, to draw you near,
I sang a song that only your soul should have heard,
Even so, I was lost in myself, gravely self-interred.

It took me time to push the daisies from this earthy burrow,
Rising stiffly, just under the surface, from six feet below, 
I stretch and groan, a song to salute the sun and skies,
Slowly opening long-closed and sight-forgotten eyes,

The world is new and full of rich abstract colour, 
Awoken from a deep slumber, where senses were duller,
Apprehension and anxiety that once burbled steadily,
Dissipates as my mind eases to the calm of the slow sea,

Infinity may not be compromised from the mortal abode,
Endlessness consumed as digesting time slowed, 
You delicious curls rivalled the Odysseus’s godlike brow, 
And you snarled and hissed, face resting in scowl,

The tears that flowed from your eyes were laced with hate,
For a many an age, I deluded myself to lust after fate,
When we danced, my hand met your hand, your hand on my waist,
Always expecting, always demanding my smile remained chaste, 

The years past us by, dust settling like snow on those curls,
Tears dropped from my eyes, more precious than pearls,
You pushed me and pulled me, I was a doll on a string, 
But I’ve finally grown them, my freedom on wings,

In, I breathe, Out, I breathe. Snow melts at my pyre, 
Spring suspires life from the putrid, festering mire,
Towards the depths, I feel my body contract and inflate,
This is the choice of a lifetime—a pearl or fiery gate.

I am free now, after all of this time; 
Saddled to lyric and many a rhyme;
I bellow the fires that alight from within,
And cradle the pearls as I begin again. 

Piano Man

spoken with accompanying music (prelude in e minor) here

The pulsating air could not disguise how the mallet fell,
Resonating notes written in an enchanted, magic spell,
Bewitched by euphonic mysteries that herald love’s promise,
Symphonic paradise that revealed lovers suspended in bliss,

An abeyance of laws and physical worldly realities,
Ethereal movements colliding in fragmented unease,
Touching and caressing, softly or roughly with pain,
Hallowed be thy name; crossed thresholds and profaned,

Like a petal about to fall from security’s hold,
I await the fall from grace into that which is soil’d,
Respite and reanimation is granted during the fleeting interlude,
Incarnate absolution from the transgression to which I allude,

Notes sung on high offer a thunderous conclusion,
Seemingly at an end–

a shocking illusion,

Persisting and prolonging the moment we ache,
For that is the inglorious instant we break.

Awaiting your mouth to wrap around mine,
Anticipating sustained moments of the divine,
Bacchus draining his decanter in a dubious crescendo,
Recognizing the delusion, but loving you even so,

Passing into oblivion as the days come to an end,
Like a river whose path meanders and wends,
Moving in motion with memory’s laps,
Always disappearing, but in form, I am trapped.

~ fin