From the Earth to Kiss Our Skin

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Cold air combs my hair; it turns my nose to ice,
I remember those days, filled with the warmth of vice,
There was hardly sunshine, but there was wind,
Energy that flows from the earth to kiss our skin,

The bricks crumble as they hold up our lives,
Like bees selling honey to mortgage their hives,
Glass lets us cut into the lives of those we ignore,
Instead of seeking entry through their front door,

Dishes pile as we breathe and conspire,
Entwined in our bed; this lust is dire,
Our minds drift to forests, where fairies dwell,
Green covers all life, animating this sweet dell,

Walking upon moss that sponges and frays,
Sipping the sweet smell of wild floral bouquets,
Stopping to drink the water that drips and drops,
Hushing as we see the lone bunny hip and hop,

Hand in hand, we are borne into movement,
Solace warms our soul in this anagogic ascent,
We rise above the earth’s vibrating energies,
Forward and returned like the tides of the bluest seas,

We make our own warmth as we urge, together, on,
Awaiting the sweet, milky skies that precede dawn,
If our hands are cold, our spirits are tenderly anchored,
Swimming for an eternity, finally reaching the shore,

Rising and falling, desire dances upon your lips,
My spirit escapes me—-

—-spiritless, in a moment, eclipsed,

Life grows in the moss, as love flows from the sky,
Silence falls as mother earth hums a last, sweet sigh.



Growing Pains.

He said: “It will rain.”
She said: “I know.”
He said: “I won’t cause you pain.”
She said: “Yes, you will.”

He said: “Let’s walk hand in hand.”
She said: “My hands are full.”
He said: “Let’s go to a far away land.”
She said: “I have spaces here.”

He said: “The sky is blue.”
She said: “It’s lovely.”
He said: “Let me help you.”
She said: “I’ve done it thus far.”

He said: “Oh, okay.”
She said: “Let’s day-dream.”
He said: “The sky is blue.”
She said: “It’s not what it seems.”

He said: “What is it then.”
She said: “Love, I think.”
He asked: “What’s that?”
She said: “It’s like being thirsty, and having a drink.”

He asked: “Like the desert?”
She said: “It’s like feeling home, when you’re away.”
He asked: “So, going home?”
She said: “It’s like sleeping and having good dreams.”

He said: “Let’s dream together.”
She said: “Let’s dream alone.”
He asked: “Why?”
She said: “To share our souls.”

He said: “I like that.”
She said: “I knew you would.”
He said: “I like you.”
She said: “I made your heart grow.”

He asked: “I made yours grow too?”
She said: “Yes, always.”
His eyes said: I love you.
Her heart said: I know.

He said: “It will rain.”
She said: “We have umbrellas.”
He said: “I’ll cause you pain.”
She said: “We will grow more;growing pains.”

He said: “Let’s walk hand in hand.”
She clasped his hand in hers.
He smiled.
She said:”My hands are full.”



nb: Just want to clarify that the genders used are meant to implicate power dynamics as well as character differentiation.  #inclusiveLove