Growing Pains.

He said: “It will rain.”
She said: “I know.”
He said: “I won’t cause you pain.”
She said: “Yes, you will.”

He said: “Let’s walk hand in hand.”
She said: “My hands are full.”
He said: “Let’s go to a far away land.”
She said: “I have spaces here.”

He said: “The sky is blue.”
She said: “It’s lovely.”
He said: “Let me help you.”
She said: “I’ve done it thus far.”

He said: “Oh, okay.”
She said: “Let’s day-dream.”
He said: “The sky is blue.”
She said: “It’s not what it seems.”

He said: “What is it then.”
She said: “Love, I think.”
He asked: “What’s that?”
She said: “It’s like being thirsty, and having a drink.”

He asked: “Like the desert?”
She said: “It’s like feeling home, when you’re away.”
He asked: “So, going home?”
She said: “It’s like sleeping and having good dreams.”

He said: “Let’s dream together.”
She said: “Let’s dream alone.”
He asked: “Why?”
She said: “To share our souls.”

He said: “I like that.”
She said: “I knew you would.”
He said: “I like you.”
She said: “I made your heart grow.”

He asked: “I made yours grow too?”
She said: “Yes, always.”
His eyes said: I love you.
Her heart said: I know.

He said: “It will rain.”
She said: “We have umbrellas.”
He said: “I’ll cause you pain.”
She said: “We will grow more;growing pains.”

He said: “Let’s walk hand in hand.”
She clasped his hand in hers.
He smiled.
She said:”My hands are full.”



nb: Just want to clarify that the genders used are meant to implicate power dynamics as well as character differentiation.  #inclusiveLove

Spiritual Debut of the Murmuring Heart

Pressing thoughts deliberate their untoward will,
Crashing relentlessly from wall to windowsill,
Rays restrained from filling dark fissures of thought,
Expanses of desert drinking up all I have got.

Level the field that engulfs the sea of squandered souls!
‘Don’t do that!’ they brazenly chide and they scold,
Leaving the empty unconnected—like stars with no signs,
Expecting us to forget the agéd power of the divine.

Warmth is a feeling often served to the bitterly numbed,
As our limbs pine and our dreams needle to overcome,
My fearless hero! Brave the storm of abject ignominy,
Mending the broken walls of shame by nurturing dignity.

Remember dear heart….

Love is a phantasm that swims into the depths of the bay,
Just as it soars infinitely, farther, up, and away,
It refuses to be held in the palm of one single hand,
For there it has little room to stretch, grow, and expand.

Like the pressing forces that mark the point of no return,
Hand in hand, the meaning of love is less easy to discern,
Fingers interlaced, woven together so they may never fray,
Palms pressing into one another, as fruitful souls sing and sway.

Cherish the crosses and noughts that expose your fears,
For it’s easier to live a life without love that’s austere,
Miserly counting the affectionate dissonances,
Instead of writing one of the world’s great romances,

Whisper your secrets from the depths of your murmuring heart,
Erratic, muted tones that, together, morph like abstracted art,
Let it be seen by someone, without further ado,
All you can do, angel-mine, is bring love to your spiritual debut.



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