My Freedom on Wings

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I used to sing out loud, waiting for you to hear, 
I used to write sweet words, to draw you near,
I sang a song that only your soul should have heard,
Even so, I was lost in myself, gravely self-interred.

It took me time to push the daisies from this earthy burrow,
Rising stiffly, just under the surface, from six feet below, 
I stretch and groan, a song to salute the sun and skies,
Slowly opening long-closed and sight-forgotten eyes,

The world is new and full of rich abstract colour, 
Awoken from a deep slumber, where senses were duller,
Apprehension and anxiety that once burbled steadily,
Dissipates as my mind eases to the calm of the slow sea,

Infinity may not be compromised from the mortal abode,
Endlessness consumed as digesting time slowed, 
You delicious curls rivalled the Odysseus’s godlike brow, 
And you snarled and hissed, face resting in scowl,

The tears that flowed from your eyes were laced with hate,
For a many an age, I deluded myself to lust after fate,
When we danced, my hand met your hand, your hand on my waist,
Always expecting, always demanding my smile remained chaste, 

The years past us by, dust settling like snow on those curls,
Tears dropped from my eyes, more precious than pearls,
You pushed me and pulled me, I was a doll on a string, 
But I’ve finally grown them, my freedom on wings,

In, I breathe, Out, I breathe. Snow melts at my pyre, 
Spring suspires life from the putrid, festering mire,
Towards the depths, I feel my body contract and inflate,
This is the choice of a lifetime—a pearl or fiery gate.

I am free now, after all of this time; 
Saddled to lyric and many a rhyme;
I bellow the fires that alight from within,
And cradle the pearls as I begin again. 

Spirit of the Wind

Wind caressed her face gently and soft,

Like downy feathers gracefully aloft;

Through her lashes, light shone through,

Sensations grazing her, striking her anew.

Gentle rushes respond to the wind’s subtle hushes,

Lilac scent drawls lingering, enchanting and luscious,

Her limbs ensconced in the comforting warmth of familiarity,

And set above the scene, clouds jest unscripted hilarity,

Blinking, her eyes devour the cacophonous delight,

She drinks in the still life that wanders out of sight,

Bodies arching and swaying to hummed supple tunes,

Each soul, helpless to another’s melody, nimbly swoons,

Hands reach out to grasp desires and passions once more,

Like tides vivaciously and animatedly lapping the delicious shore,

Clutching handfuls of grass to feel transitory life fly in the wind,

Ephemera decapitated in a sensory upheaval herein,

Serene breezes like to interject upon little day dreams,

Participating in visions, kissing them anxiously agleam,

Anon, she smuggles these memories abidingly,

Sweetly humming her own mysteries confidingly.