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“Modern philosophy begins with the generally accepted basis upon which the world is interpreted ceases to be a deity whose pattern is assumed to have already been imprinted into the universe. The new philosophical task is therefore for human reason to establish its own legitimacy as the ground of truth.”

Andrew Bowie

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Dance is the co-ordinated movement of the body. Usually, it is a set of movements that build upon each other. Sometimes, people don't know how to dance, so they flail off tempo. At other times, drugs or substances influence a dancer's choices towards the unique. Let us consider that philosophers, from Walter Pater to Nietzsche, have discussed the important role of music as art. Pater claimed "[a]ll art constantly aspires towards the condition of music." But, I wonder, what of our movement to that music? Does it aspire to the conditions of music or does it seek to be at one with it? Further still, do our movements allow us to enter a song? If so, is it then that we can begin to speak the language of music? For the musicians movements at the instrument is the first step in any dance. — Misha, #PhDog #philosodog #shihtzu #shihtzusofinstagram #shihtzulovers #muse #music #dance #ballet

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