Secret Garden

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In seeded gardens, where rise the rose,
One rests to ponder the posy’s pose,
For enchanted petals do sing our praise,
Sent from the cosmos on sunshine’s rays,

Sipping poisons from beguiling fairies,
Sweetest wine, decorated with berries,
Grass folds around us as we sit to eat,
Butterfly wings echo syncopated heartbeats,

Fingers entwine as sun kisses lashes,
Fiery spirits cremate our form to ashes,
Spritely water nymphs send mist our way,
Singing to us about the games they play,

From petals, sweet nectar drops like dew,
I’d happily spend eternity here with you,
Golden droplets trickle and delight,
Rumpled clothing await God’s smite,

Dreams are made of finer things than these,
Aphrodite’s raiments drifting in a summer’s breeze,
Cupid’s bow did pierce our steadfast hearts,
Love’s sweet arrow obliging love’s sweet arts,

Visions entwine as lust sets chimeric love afire,
Embraced as we sigh; our last breaths expire,
Sweet lips such as these, golden and honeyed,
Enchanted, we sip sweet petal’s hallowed mead,
Incense burns, smoke of heightened scents,
We journey as one, up towards ascent,
Where, in seeded gardens, rise the rose,
One rests to ponder the posy’s pose.

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