Growing Pains.

He said: “It will rain.”
She said: “I know.”
He said: “I won’t cause you pain.”
She said: “Yes, you will.”

He said: “Let’s walk hand in hand.”
She said: “My hands are full.”
He said: “Let’s go to a far away land.”
She said: “I have spaces here.”

He said: “The sky is blue.”
She said: “It’s lovely.”
He said: “Let me help you.”
She said: “I’ve done it thus far.”

He said: “Oh, okay.”
She said: “Let’s day-dream.”
He said: “The sky is blue.”
She said: “It’s not what it seems.”

He said: “What is it then.”
She said: “Love, I think.”
He asked: “What’s that?”
She said: “It’s like being thirsty, and having a drink.”

He asked: “Like the desert?”
She said: “It’s like feeling home, when you’re away.”
He asked: “So, going home?”
She said: “It’s like sleeping and having good dreams.”

He said: “Let’s dream together.”
She said: “Let’s dream alone.”
He asked: “Why?”
She said: “To share our souls.”

He said: “I like that.”
She said: “I knew you would.”
He said: “I like you.”
She said: “I made your heart grow.”

He asked: “I made yours grow too?”
She said: “Yes, always.”
His eyes said: I love you.
Her heart said: I know.

He said: “It will rain.”
She said: “We have umbrellas.”
He said: “I’ll cause you pain.”
She said: “We will grow more;growing pains.”

He said: “Let’s walk hand in hand.”
She clasped his hand in hers.
He smiled.
She said:”My hands are full.”



nb: Just want to clarify that the genders used are meant to implicate power dynamics as well as character differentiation.  #inclusiveLove

Tessellated words; Mosaic thoughts.

I am afraid of not being heard.
Not because I am not speaking,
but because no one will listen.

You have so much courage,
To talk, to express love and emotion,
Even if there is no one else around.

You show what you feel.
You breathe new life into the world.
No one has to hear—you just feel.

Not only do you feel, you share.
How do you do that?
How do you not feel the world compress
your soul, your voice, your heart.

Do you feel it?
Do you just keep breathing?
Where do you draw your strength?

I’ve tried stick figures,
You know? —to stick it to it,
But I just got stuck.

I am going to keep trying.
Trying to sing to the birds,
Hum with my soul,
Dream with love as my guide.

It is so hard;
But laughing is so joyous,
Laughing from your toes
Snorting through your nose.

I might stumble along the way,
But, from time to time,
Sing with me,
Try with me.

But most of all… dance with me.
Show me how you love
That the sky is blue,
That it rains and it pours,
That the sun kisses just as it runs away,
Show me how you love the possible

Show me how you love
the impossible.

I’ll stop being scared.
I’ll try and stop being afraid of
not being…
not being…..
It’s too hard.

I’m clawing against my own mind,
I’m retching out the emotions that make me up,
I’m reorganizing, re-categorizing, redrawing.

Not withdrawing.

I’ll try and love,
I’ll love.
I’ll not offer the world fear
or contempt, or jealously, or hate.
I’ll love.

If you catch me as I am laughing or
being too loud
Please laugh with me.
Let’s just be ecstatic to be.