Star of darkness, stars of light,

Crinkled stardust shimmers delight,

Platters crackled with electric flair,

Diamonds wander thoroughfare,

Softly, cherubs lick ice-cream mountains,

Trickling streams lead to cascading fountains,

Onwards! yonder! stargazer, reach towards the sky,

Whereupon, delicious soothsaying nectar lie,

Surreptitious sips lead to incongruous gulps,

Turning fine words of old into wasted paper-pulp,

The author dissolves into lead-weighted despair,

Passions and thoughts eternally forbidden to share,

Hope glistens untoward on the destruction past,

Reviving the pages into the eternal fiery gas,

Diamonds struggle to twinkle true,

While blackened, tarred words shine through.